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Our tow truck in Virginia is capable of delivering high-quality towing service that you deserve. Our highly skilled technicians are licensed and certified to perform towing and roadside assistance service to a number of different vehicle types.

To learn more about our services call us today and talk with our friendly customer service staff. At Midstate Towing we take care of your cars as if they are our own.



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Trusty Flatbed Towing

Flatbed towing involves the use of a flatbed tow truck where a vehicle is placed on the platform on its back for the towing process. This is ideal for towing all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicles as no tires are left to roll during towing.

At Midstate Towing we have several flatbed tow trucks all dedicated to providing the service that you need. It is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to transport your car safely to its destination.
For dependable flatbed tow truck in Virginia, don’t waste your time and call us right away.

Dependable Medium Duty Towing

Our medium duty tow trucks are equipped to accommodate a variety of medium-duty vehicles – delivery trucks, trailers and campers to pick up trucks, mini busses and more. If you find yourself stranded due to a trailer truck that is stuck in the mud, you can depend on Midstate Towing to help you.
With our round the clock towing service, no matter what time you need our help, we will be there to help you.

Call Midstate Towing today and get the help you need in Virginia. Talk with our helpful customer service staff to learn more about our tow truck in Virginia.

Light Duty Towing in Virginia

If you need roadside assistance service in Midstate Towing, we will immediately send out our technicians with our light duty tow vehicles. Because of its built, agility and easy maneuverability, our light-duty towing trucks are designed to safely recover a car that is stuck in many confining spaces. It is also equipped with all the necessary tools to safely troubleshoot a car experiencing minor car trouble such as flat tires, car lockouts and more.

For more information about our tow truck in Virginia, call us today and talk with our friendly staff to get a quote.

Virginia: Wheel Lift Towing

Designed just like the traditional hook and chain tow trucks, our wheel lift tow vehicles are installed with modern technology to promote smooth and efficient towing process. Installed with a metal yoke and hydraulic hoist preventing any direct contact of the tow truck and the vehicle in tow.

There is nothing more reassuring than knowing your car are handled by the most efficient and trustworthy Midstate Towing for tow trucks in Virginia.


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